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This web site is operated by Hawk Incentives Limited.

Index of Terms

1. Guidance Notes - Please Read

1.1 Fulfilling your online orders, redemptions and other activities is important to us and we want to help you use this site with the maximum convenience possible. These Terms and Conditions ("the Terms") are important to you and to Hawk Incentives Limited ("Hawk Incentives") and should be considered carefully before you use this website.

1.2 These terms have been designed to protect you, to protect our rights as a business and to create a clear understanding between us.

1.3 The Terms apply to all transactions carried out through this website and through our order fulfilment system.

1.4 Please note carefully section 3, which refers to our Returns Procedure, and section 5 which details our obligations under the Distance Selling Regulations.

1.5 If you have any questions relating to the Terms, please e-mail us direct at customerservice@redeem-online.co.uk.

1.6 For purposes of the Terms "we", "us", "our" refer to Hawk Incentives and "you" and "your" refer to you the user of the gift card (s) unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

1.7 For clarity, there may be two categories of goods that can be ordered from this website, namely 'vouchers' or 'gifts'. 'Vouchers' can be either in the format of a paper voucher, Gift card or digital eCode 'Gifts' are any products and services that are not vouchers. Individual vouchers or gifts may be sold with their own applicable terms and conditions, which will be apparent when you take delivery e.g. a voucher will normally have terms and conditions printed on the reverse or within the accompanying email that is sent with the eCode. Where Visa gift cards are offered, these are, for the purposes of these terms and conditions, considered to be 'gifts'.

1.8 'Redeem' or 'redemption' in these terms and conditions refers to one or more of the following:

(i) Redemption of Unique IDs.
(ii) Redemption of PDF Award Certificates.
(iii) Redemption of an online award balance, however derived.

2. Ordering or redeeming from us

2.1 To order or redeem vouchers or gifts from us you must be resident in a country recognised as a 'user country' in the website database. The processes built into the website will determine a number of order fulfilment rules, including:

(i) Delivery only to the user's country of residence (this is usually the default rule)
(ii) Use of a currency appropriate to the user's country of residence
(iii) Delivery protocols determined by the commissioner of gift card (s) (e.g. where we are operating a site on behalf of a client, it may be specified, for example, that all deliveries must be to office addresses)

By using this website you accept all of the fulfilment rules defined for the site.

2.2 We are not obliged to supply the goods or services to you until we have confirmed acceptance of your order. It is on our acceptance that a contract comes into effect between us.

2.3 All gifts are supplied subject to availability. In the event that we are unable to supply any product, we will inform you of this as soon as possible.

2.4 Occasionally a supplier may change the specifications of a voucher or gift (e.g. a supplier of vouchers may change denominations or the stores in which the vouchers can be spent). Should this happen to a gift you have claimed from us, we will, on your request, offer you a substitute gift of no less specification and equivalent price.


3. Voucher returns procedure

3.1 We hope that you will be completely satisfied with your voucher(s). However, it may be necessary to return your voucher(s) to us in some limited circumstances. Please ensure that you follow these instructions for returning your voucher(s) to avoid a delay in processing your return. Other than as required by law we have no general policy of accepting returns.

3.2 The limited circumstances in which vouchers may be exchanged are:

(i) Incorrect voucher issued by Hawk Incentives
(ii) Significant change of retail outlets at where the voucher can be redeemed
(iii) Receipt of damaged or defaced vouchers

In all instances requests for exchanges are subject to terms as set out in paragraphs 3.3 to 3.10 below:

3.3 You should wait at least 10 working days from the date of the order or redemption before initiating the voucher returns procedure

3.4 Returns or exchanges will not be accepted unless they are accompanied by a letter giving your name and contact details, plus reasons why the vouchers are being returned.

3.5 You the Claimant are solely responsible for inspecting the voucher(s) upon delivery. You must contact Hawk Incentives should you wish to inform us of damaged, defective or missing vouchers and/or delivery discrepancies within 48 hours of your delivery being made.

3.6 When sending a return or exchange to us, you are responsible for the safe carriage of the voucher(s) back to us.

3.7 Refunds will be processed within thirty (30) days from the date we receive notification of a voucher return and refunds will not be issued until the voucher(s) have been received by us in their original or delivered state. Any refund of monies will be made directly to the user balance or budget that originally paid for the voucher(s).

3.8 You should return any voucher(s) to us via a suitably insured means based on the value of the voucher. This means that the full value may be recovered by you if the vouchers are lost or damaged. You should retain any receipt confirming the return. If returned vouchers are lost we will not be liable for them.

3.9 To cancel or request a refund of a voucher prior to its despatch from Hawk Incentives, please e-mail your request to customerservice@redeem-online.co.uk


4. Damaged, defective or faulty goods

4.1 Any voucher supplied to you must be handled with reasonable care until spent.

4.2 Hawk Incentives will replace any voucher that is delivered in a condition that renders it invalid.

4.3 Should you need to return a voucher due to an error on our part we will exchange or refund the voucher for you. We will also refund any reasonable associated carriage costs (see section 3 above).

4.4 Returns of damaged, defective or faulty gifts (i.e. anything that is not a voucher) is subject to the returns procedure for the supplier concerned (see section 4 above).


5. Unwanted or incompatible goods

5.1 We are not obliged to accept the return of goods unless covered by Section 5 and you have notified us of cancellation in writing within seven (7) days of delivery, except where the goods are faulty or are not as described.

5.2 Should we authorise the return of an unwanted or incompatible voucher, you are responsible for the cost of safe carriage back to us.

5.3 Should we authorise the return of an unwanted or incompatible gift, you are responsible for the cost of safe carriage back to the supplier concerned.


6. Delivery

6.1 Delivery should be achieved within seven (7) working days of your order or redemption being made, subject to availability of stocks. We and our suppliers make every effort to deliver vouchers or gifts within the estimated timescales, however delays are occasionally inevitable and time for delivery will not be of the essence. We will endeavour to keep you informed of any delay to your expected delivery date. You should wait at least 10 working days from the date of the order or redemption before initiating the gift or vouchers returns procedure (See sections 3 and 4).


7. Business customers

7.1 If you are a business or if the vouchers or gifts are used wholly or in part for business purposes we will not be liable to you for any business loss including loss of profits (whether direct or indirect) business data, revenue, goodwill, or incidental, or consequential loss that you may suffer as a result of the order or redemption of vouchers or gifts from us. Any other liability will be limited to the price paid by the relevant gift card for the vouchers. We do not exclude our liability for fraud or for death or personal injury. For our performance time is not of the essence.

7.2 Please be aware that the Distance Selling Regulations do not apply to Business Customers.


8. General

8.1 We will not be liable to you for any claims that arise out of the supply of vouchers or gifts to you unless we are negligent but we will not be liable in any event for any consequential loss, except where this is required by law.

8.2 We will take all reasonable precautions to keep the details of your order or redemption secure, but, unless we are negligent, we are not liable for losses as a result of unauthorised access to information provided by you. Information Hawk Incentives collects or obtains relating to gift cards will not be sold to any third party or used by Hawk Incentives  for any purpose other than the processing of vouchers or gift orders or redemptions, internal administration and analysis.

8.3 We hereby exclude the application of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to each and every contract made under these Terms.

8.4 These Terms cannot be altered or suspended, permanently or temporarily, without the written permission of a member of the Board of Directors of Hawk Incentives.

8.5 These conditions are subject to English law and the jurisdiction of the English courts.


9.  Hawk Incentives contacts

9.1 Hawk Incentives Limited is a company registered in England and Wales under number 4155659. Our Registered Offices are located at:

Hawk Incentives Limited


London Road



Telephone: 01442 829400